Partnered Artists

At Gallery Apparel we are dedicated to sharing art. Part of that is making a physical product; the rest is sharing the stories of the artists who create them.

Dylan Saechao

Our first designs were based on sketches by Suisun artist, Dylan Saechao. In fact, it was his art that inspired us to make a tee shirt company in the first place! As a founder and co-owner, Dylan's role is a little more complicated than simply being an artist, but at its core the relationship is the same: he makes awesome art and we put it on quality clothing.

Ellerie Mattias 

Ellerie Mattias was the first artist we formally approached about partnering with us, and we just released our first collection featuring her designs. She's a fantastically talented artist from Fairfield, California with a bold and distinct style. You may have seen her work featured at events in Berkeley and Vallejo, or read her interview with Art For Altruism. If you haven't seen her stuff yet, you should definitely check out her Artist's Page to see shirts featuring her art, and check out some of her art below! 


We're always looking for more art and artists to showcase, and it's our dream to be able to one day provide a platform for the many talented artists who want to see their work on clothing. If you're interested in working with us, send some pictures of your art or a portfolio to us at