When buying anything from Gallery Apparel, you can be sure it will be a high quality, ethically sourced, and stylish product. 

From our very first sale, quality has been a huge priority for us. Despite humble beginnings as a startup with virtually no backing, we never fell into the trap of buying cheaper materials to save money. Our first tee shirt, and the model we still sell today, was a Bella+Canvas 3001, a 100% ring-spun cotton, thirty single thread count tee produced in eco-friendly facilities that are WRAP platinum certified for worker environment. The ring-spun cotton and high thread count create an unmatched softness with an incredibly fine feel. Starting this year, we sell tank tops and crop tops from Bella+Canvas as well - and the quality is just as impressive! As we expand our product lines and look to offer more options we will continue to hold ourselves to this standard, and if you buy from us you can be sure that what you're buying will look great, feel great, and will be supporting green, worker-friendly production.


Quality clothing is a great start, but what sets any apparel company apart is what they put on it.

Gallery Apparel strives to be just what the name implies: an art gallery in the form of apparel. At our core, we are a platform for artists to use our shirts as a canvas. We strongly believe in artistic freedom and expression, and it is always our goal to be working with artists rather than having artists work for us. When we release a collection it truly is a partnership, and that is reflected in the creativity of products as well as the sharing of profits. Once we have a final design we use screen printing to apply a high quality print that will be sharp, professional, and stylistically faithful to the art it features. By doing all the printing in-house we are able to have incredible control over the quality and detail of each piece, making sure that the finished product is as perfect as the artist's vision. Because that's what we're all about: bringing artistic vision to life in the form of wearable art.


Now that we have a product, the final hurdle is getting it to you.

Once you've placed your order we try our best to get it to you in under two weeks. Each shirt is printed to order, which gives greater quality assurance and allows us to offer more options. However, this individual attention can result in longer delays than a bulk inventory system, so we appreciate your understanding with orders that take longer than expected. We ship using the US Postal Service, and unless you order a large quantity of shirts it should arrive in your mailbox. We ship using EcoEnclose 100% post consumer recycled plastic mailers, which are more environmentally friendly and sturdy to ensure safe arrival.


Beyond products and logistics, we want to offer a positive experience.

If you've made it this far we think it's safe to assume you're probably interested in our products. Unfortunately, interest is sometimes overshadowed by a difficult or unpleasant buying experience, and this is something we absolutely want to avoid. When creating this (relatively new) website, we tried to do everything we could to make navigating, browsing, and buying as easy as possible, but we are always looking for ways to improve! Please feel free to send us an email at GalleryApparelContact@gmail.com if you have any comments, suggestions, or concerns.